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Cazander in days of Corona

On Thursday, 20 February of this year, I returned from India where I visited and gave a presentation at the Grand Tour CanTech New Delhi. Covid-19 and corona were terms I had already heard about and also at the conference there was a lot of talk about what the impact of this epidemic could be. For the time being, the outbreak remained in China, at least that is what we thought at the time, and the Indian government claimed that there were no corona cases in India. For me it was my first visit to India and I was amazed at how adamant a government could say that in view of the huge crowds in Delhi. President Trump had yet to visit Mr. Modi, so that may have had something to do with it.

Back in the Netherlands, carnival burst out in the south of our country and nobody in the government seemed to care about that either. In retrospect it was a 'super spreader' event but nobody really noticed that yet. It was only after a visit at the end of February to a large dairy organisation in our country that does a lot of business in the Far East, that I gained insight into the scale of the crisis, but news and media were still positive that corona would not come our way or would only come in a minor form. Then things went fast, winter sportsmen came back from northern Italy and Austria and the first corona patients reported to the Dutch hospitals.

Europe, and thus the Netherlands, went into a lockdown, although the strictness differed from country to country. We kept factories and companies open; where possible people worked at home. For Cazander a very quiet period started, that lasted from mid-March until the end of April, with almost no requests, no telephone calls, no visits, nothing at all. We had just entered into a major purchase commitment for a 4-C printing line with a British manufacturer and it was very uncertain whether the customer (from outside Europe) would or even could proceed with the purchase. As undoubtedly many other companies, we calculated the worst case scenario and everything was put in place to survive the crisis financially. A crisis of which nobody knew and still does not know how long it will last. We assumed that our turnover could halve and measures were inevitable, starting with our spending habits. In the meantime, we feverishly washed our hands more thoroughly than ever.

To our surprise, early May we received new enquiries and we were able to offer machines from our large stock. Customers could not and still cannot visit us to inspect the machines, but photos and videos gave sufficient insight into their condition; and I also think that the established reputation that Cazander has built up in the industry shows its value in this day and age and we have apparently been able to gain our customers’ firm confidence in us over the years. Sales have picked up again and this trend has continued in the second and third quarter; we have even sold machines to – for us - new customers from within and outside Europe. We are of course incredibly grateful for this, for we see among friendly entrepreneurs that things can also be very different in times of corona.

In addition, the odd thing is that we ourselves have hardly been able to travel; in the last six months, I have taken one European flight and I have only made three trips by car/boat. That is about 85% less than normal for me in the past 20 years. You start to wonder whether all this travelling has been necessary. Probably not. Because I mainly do the purchases myself (my brother Tjakko does the sales), I do not know yet if we get sufficient 'new' machines in this corona era, but of course we do our utmost to secure ample supply. The question we are asking ourselves is what our market will look like after Covid-19; the outcome is still a bit hazy. But until then we will certainly travel less and our online information provision will become even more important.

I say, not Cash is King but Trust is King


Arnold Cazander
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Arnold Cazander

Cazander Bros spread their metal wings ever further


  January 2020              

2019 was, again, a busy year for the Cazander company, based in The Netherlands with branches in Spain and Poland. In terms of print lines we are certainly one of the largest in Europe: in 2019 we sold another 7 complete lines from 1-color to 2-color, 3-color and 4-color models.

Ukraine, the country that attracted so much interest last year, has also proven to be a special country for us, because we sold as well as bought a print line there. This does not happen very often within one and the same year. We expect to further strengthen our relationship with our customers there.

Also memorable is that in 2019 we sold a large number of 40 ft containers with machines to a customer in Morocco who is in the process of setting up a completely new factory. In total, this involved 80 machines for the manufacture of all kinds of metal packaging. The sale was nicely on time, as it enabled us to store newly purchased used equipment.

On that subject, the Cazander app has proven its worth for many customers already. The app enables customers to check our stock quickly and it provides a convenient way of offering any surplus machinery available. Besides that we regularly offer shelf flowers from our stock at give away prices. The app is freely downloadable in the App Store and in the Google Play Store, via

Northwest Europe has an enormous potential of used machines and Cazander is happy to be a trading point especially in this region that is known for the fact that machines are well maintained and that original parts are used during overhauls. We are lucky to have a good relationship with several big can making companies in the region, that are very happy to co-operate with us whenever they have surplus machinery to sell, used equipment to buy or extensive dismantling and or relocation jobs to be carried out.

In 2019 we carried out a large number of relocations of factories in Denmark and Finland. In Denmark it involved two sites where we removed lines for printing, coating, tobacco cans, EOE and peel-off and in Finland a site where conical pails and components were produced.

The production lines from Denmark were taken over by Cazander and partly moved to our warehouse in the Netherlands where we have 10,000 square meters of storage space. A significant lot was transported directly to customers in various countries, such as India, Vietnam, Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey and Serbia.

The project in Finland had to be realized within one (1) month only, which was quite a challenge. During 23 days in December, twelve hours per day, several teams (twenty technicians all together) marked, disconnected, dismantled and loaded all production lines and other installations for water cooling and air compression. Most of the machinery was also unloaded by our people at another location in Finland. Additionally, nine trucks were loaded for other destinations: Spain, Serbia and The Netherlands. In order not to waste any time, breakfast, lunch and dinner were prepared in the factory and, had they been allowed, our people would have slept there as well... A major achievement and the proof of Cazander's far-reaching ability to link professionals to each other and thus bring a complicated, time-limited project to a successful conclusion.

We look forward to continuing the valued relationship with our existing business partners and to new acquaintances in 2020!

Arnold Cazander
About the author

Arnold Cazander

Director Cazander Bros & Sis

A printing line for Turkey


       July 2019              

Imagine: a KBA 4-colour printing line, professionally dismantled and shipped from Denmark to the Cazander stores in Raalte, a town in the eastern part of The Netherlands. There it is unloaded and stored for just a little while, before an interested customer comes by to inspect the line. And the customer is enthusiastic about its possibilities and decides to buy it. The selling condition is ex works, so the buyer has to arrange for the transport. Soon after, a forwarder contacts you and you give him all the necessary information.

Each printing tower is around 2.80 meter high and one of them has a width of 2.55 meter. The towers cannot be loaded in just any truck, you need the extra height and width, so the forwarder has to send apt trailers. The towers weigh between 12 and 14 tons and, as the forwarder informs you, each truck can only load a maximum of 24 tons. Can you take the risk to load two towers on one truck, even if that means a small overweight? Turkey is not that far away, so it is tempting, but the traffic rules are strict and for good reason. You discuss the matter with all parties involved and decide to stay on the safe side. This means that you need three trucks that can load 3.00 meter high and one that can load the same height but also the width of 2.55 meter. The latter means: special truck, a deep loader / low bed trailer. And that means special permits to be applied for.

The three extra high trucks come to load one after another and the cargo is neatly packed onto the trailers. Each truck has to weigh before and after loading, so that the loaded weight can be determined. Whereas the goods are stowed quickly, making out the documents absorbs a lot of time. For a container shipment, there is time enough to prepare the accompanying documents. For a truck consignment, the documents have to be handed to the driver, so they need to be impeccable. With this line come the four printing towers plus twenty five additional packages, some of them containing various parts. In perfect co-operation with the buyer, the documents are issued and the drivers can leave. A week later, the low bed trailer is sent for the final, extra wide printing tower. In no time, the last part is loaded, the documents are ready  and the driver is on his way.

Imagine: a KBA 4-colour printing line, previously employed in Denmark, then shortly stored in The Netherlands and now ready to be installed in a factory in Turkey. A solid addition to the buyer’s production process and another example of Cazander’s ability to handle large projects.

Tjakko Cazander
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Tjakko Cazander

Director Cazander Bros & Sis